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       Hello! Welcome to our site Matthews NC, what you will find is a company that works very hard at educating our community through workshops and one on one consultations. We provide a true way to getting your credit scores up to meet current lender requirements. Lender requirements for buying homes and cars has risen and will continue due to regulations within the industry. The lender is looking for credit worthiness and we are on the same page when it comes to helping you get the credit you deserve.

    Credit Repair Matthews, NC 

    For most people when you ask them how is your credit only two answers usually come the first one is " I have good credit" the other is "my credit is bad." For most people bad credit is not the end of the world there are proven methods that Improve Credit Consulting Firm has researched over the last 14 years that will appropriately improve a mid score for a lender. If any company says that they can fix your credit in 2 days or 2 weeks it most likely is a scam. The system does take time to update and so your results do take time. It could take 6 months or as long as year to fix any credit damage that could have come throughout one's lifetime. But knowing that your working with a company that will educate you and teach you the process is the most important factor when getting your credit straight.


    *Warning* any person or company who charges a membership fee, first work fee or a monthly fee that is upfront is what our local news channel 3 WBTV has called a scam. You should avoid any false hope that these companies give you. They don't do all that is required as the law dictates when helping you with your credit. These companies give limited results due to outdated information. 


    Matthews NC is a beautiful place to live and work.

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