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    Lexington Law Scam, Credit Scam.

    chris of Kaneohe, HI

    May 31, 2017Verified Reviewer
    Satisfaction Rating

    I signed up with them for a whole year with a goal of just removing my bankruptcy and foreclosure in my credit report. The operator was so excited, he said, "We need to get you to the most aggressive way to attack this thing." They were aggressive alright. Not a single inquiry was removed, not a single bankruptcy or foreclosure was removed. I paid $120.00 for a whole year and NOTHING was done. The worst part is that when every time I call them, they would tell me that they are working hard for it, blah blah blah. And that I am paying them to for their effort. NO lady, I am paying you for results, and so far you didn't deliver any results. I would never recommend this company to anybody. They milk you till you dry. I am serious.


    Beware of Companies that don't do the work.

     Beware of law companies that keep you in programs for 3 years or more. Our processes our 3 months to 1 year.


    Shuyi of Roanoke, TX

    June 1, 2017Verified ReviewerVerified Buyer
    Satisfaction Rating

    I have one collection to be removed from my credit reports. I started business with Lexington Law on 23 Jan 2017. I was told challenge letters would be sent out on 30 Jan 2017. In April, I received a call about my case and was told the challenge letter didn't work and I understood. So I worked with Lexington Law to send back a notarized escalation letter on 29 April.

    Today I called to check my case status as it is been more than 4 months and nothing has happened for my only one collection. The customer service representative was very unprofessional and told me confusing information. She first told me escalation letters were sent out in Jan and March. It is impossible cause I only sent the letter to Lexington Law on 29 April. Then she told the letters were sent out on 11 May and first challenge letter to Equifax today (1 June). I was very upset since I've been very patient waiting my case to be addressed and I don't understand why the 1st challenge letter to Equifax has to wait for more than 4 months to be sent out.

    I read good reviews so I chose the service from Lexington Law. But my experience is really bad and I waited and waited but nothing happened. I am not meaning the removal but meaning the actions taken by Lexington Law. As a company who charges client on monthly basis, I feel my money was wasted as it took 4 month to process one single challenge letter. Your lawyer called me in April asking me to give another chance and I did it. But from my experience with the customer service representative today, I feel very disappointed. I already paid for June service and this will be my last try with Lexington Law. Again, I am very disappointed.


    Why most Credit Counseling fails

    Many Credit Counseling organizations fail because they have one goal in mind. They only want to get you out of all of the debts you have and into a consolidation program. Most won't educate you on how to handle credit or how to increase your scores. They only want you to be in a long term program some over 5 years or more. This isn't a service that works for most. This only drive our need to find a better company that can tackle the results better. To find out more give us a call we can talk further about your specific needs and we love to help you get through challenges you are facing.


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