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    Credit Counseling

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    Credit Counseling

    • Learn to Read a Credit Report

    • Understand Credit Systems

    • Learn How to Qualify for Credit

    • Learn to Get the Best Deal


    Credit Repair and Solutions to Less than Perfect Credit

    Alliance provides individual and family credit counseling, and credit education instruction, to consumers nationwide. Our certified and professionally trained credit counseling team assists consumers by presenting workable solutions to achieve your goals and maintain financial stability.

    Other credit resources can be found on our Credit and Debt pages.

    Learn How Credit Systems Work

    We can assist you to understand the importance of your credit file, how it is evaluated, what practices are critical, how to improve your creditworthiness, and prepare to make major purchases, such as a home or vehicle.

    How to Get the Best Deal

    You will learn how to evaluate loan offers and understand the impact that interest rates have on your monthly payment amount. You will be able to recognize a better product. You may learn of government assisted programs that will make it even easier to own a home.

    Personalized Service

    Because of the varying nature of credit histories, the details of issues that exist, and the creditors involved, and many other issues, each situation demands the personal attention of an experienced counselor. Every client is interviewed and counseled privately.

    Schedule Your Credit Counseling Session Today

    Call one of our credit counseling specialists to get started today . Counselors can be reached by phone (at the number to the top right), or by email (with the link provided just below the phone number).


    Helpful information for your life!!




    Just the other day something we overheard was shocking

    Once every week we hear from our partners things like they told me I should know this already. What I mean by that is certain professionals in there industry are being told they are stupid if they don't understand the credit scoring system and how it works. Just recently someone was blasting one of our closest partners who we consider a close friend. It seems that through our business of helping our community understand credit scores and how things have changed, there seems to be a dividing line that seperates True credit repair experts from the lending industry , real estate industry , lawyer industry, non-profit industry , For-profit industry. Let us take this time to help everyone work in these fields understand. YOU CAN"T DO IT BY YOURSELF. Most people who have seen big success in their lives understand this already so don't wait any longer to see the benefits of partnering with other proven professionals. Alright I agree their really aren't many honest credit repair professionals out there. Most of the industry is full of crap , but really that's not why I am writing this. It needs to be said that those who learn the most are some of the most humble people I know. They were able to realize that we like them are forever students in life. We grow by learning, and having meaningful relationships that last in our personal life and business. You can let yourself off the hook if you find that working with your customers credit doesn't work, or that they never come back to get you that next sale. The best way is to partner with a great company like ours with over 14 years experience which in turn will give you the extra help you need to be able to succeed. Many already have and will continue to due to the fact that we don't play around with people's lives just for our entertainment. Our goal is to give you more value then the money you pay us.  You can find more information on our website feel free to read our testimonial page. When you are ready just call us its that easy and simple to learn more about who we are and where we are going.


    5 Facts about Improve Credit Consulting Firm you might not have known

    1. Honest 

    2. Hard working

    3. Adheres to strict legal requirements for helping others.

    4. Highest success ratios in the country

    5. Completely does what it says it will do for you.


    Partnered with 103.3 WGIV Radio~ helping our community grow strong credit scores

    Partnered with 103.3 WGIV Radio Tuesday July 15th 2013 to talk about helping our community grow strong credit scores in Business

    Business Credit can be understood with the follow informationImprove Credit Radio Charlotte NC

    Is as easy as 3 steps:

    Contact your local bank and apply for a secured credit card while confirming that the card reports with all three credit bureaus.

    Contact your local credit union and apply for a secured installment loan while confirming that this line of credit reports with all three credit bureaus.

    Make your payments on time while staying below 30% of your secured card credit limit.


    How Useful Is Credit

    Credit is the number source to create your everyday lifestyle. Without credit you will not be able to do the following:

    1)      Rent an apartment

    2)      Purchase a home

    3)      Purchase a vehicle

    4)      In some cases qualify for a student loans

    5)      Apply for a personal loan

    6)      Apply for a credit card

    In most cases it is hard to reveal to a lender, creditor, auto dealership, apartment complex, insurance provider, or bank that you are a responsible consumer that knows how to handle money by paying bills on time, not borrowing more then you need. By having this kind of reference on your credit reports this shows all lenders or banks that you are capable of handling your finances and taking control of your money. This will give you the ability to grow financially by helping you build your assets!


    Cash vs. Credit

    Cash is a simple way of living. Only buy what you can afford to pay off at that moment. This is a tool that should always be remembered. But, the problem is that without credit it is tough to establish yourself as an individual in society where you have the ability to buy your first home, or your first car or be able to build a business from start to finish. Without credit you are basically not a part of the way society functions, and how lenders view this tool as a reference for approval for lending.

    By Wanda Strickfaden